Thursday, August 7, 2008

God's judgement could not be withheld...WHAT!?

When I hear people saying things like "God's wrath or judgment" I get so frigg'n frustrated. I know some of you will get mad at me just for using the word frigg'n - deal with it! The issue at hand is much greater than a simple slang word.

I won't reveal the ministry by name as it doesn’t matter, the reality is - we can cut and paste any number of different ministry names into this slot, sadly, we can often paste the name "Christianity" in.

Back to my thought - recently this particular ministry released a "word" and this is a sample of what was said: "...the scales of sin and judgment were full – so full that judgment could not be withheld over San Francisco." It seems that every time there is some major event (hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) the Church is quick to give God the credit, the problem with that is...God's judgment upon sin has already been handed down at the cross, sin's debt has been covered.

Personally, I have nothing against the ministry which made this statement; in fact, I support most of what they are about. However, if I was living in the Bay Area (BTW, I grew up there and I am well aware of the mindset concerning Christianity) and living separated from God, would this boldly stated "prophecy" invite me into relationship with God or chase me further away?

I may be completely wrong here, but I believe the Church is to be THE agent--the only agent--of invitation but all-to-often we are better at causing greater alienation...

This is just my heart lately - it has nothing to do with any one person, denomination or specific ministry. I am simply adjusting my own thinking to fit better into the mind of God, whose views are far greater than mine; whose heart for the people of San Francisco is full of love, compassion and desire...


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X4HIM said...

Using the name "friggin" and telling your blog audience to just deal with it is like commiting some other sort of action and telling them to deal with it. It basically expresses an attitude of a dogmatic position or opinion wether harsh or passionate rather than an attempt to communicate with your audience your hearts desire and burden. When Christ rebuked the pharisees he never lowered his behavior or speech to that of this worlds, but always kept righteousness as a way of always shinning the light and having his actions without accusation. Think again before you use a slang word that associates itself with the way the world expresses frustration. 1 Corinthinas 10:31 - To His glory always!