Thursday, August 14, 2008

...From God's Perspective

I was talking with a friend yesterday and we got on the subject of prayer and flowing in the Spirit. He said something so simple and yet huge – “When I pray, I try to pray from God’s perspective on the situation…”. Now, you are probably thinking, well duh! When I first heard him make that statement I didn’t think much about it either but after we unpacked it, the hugeness of that “simple” blurb exploded in my spirit.

I began to ponder the day-to-day life of the average Christian from God’s perspective, asking myself “How does God see this and how does God see that”… I realized that all-to-often the prayers of the saints are born from our very limited human perspective, producing VERY limited results. The Bible is full of stories about great works of God taking place when men and women were lined-up with God’s agenda (perspective).

If we would take the time to see the situation (whatever it may be) as God sees it and then pray and/or act according to His perspective, WOW! One thing I know for certain, God would be glorified! His name would once again be known throughout the land, His marvelous works would testify of His goodness and mercy. We wouldn’t have to spend our energy “defending Him” – if we are honest, we are not really defending Him as much as we are defending our own reputations and that of our home team…I could spend a long time camped here on this subject but let’s stick to the bigger point and leave this discussion for another day.

I know for certain that when we have God’s perspective for any situation, we will be moved with compassion and do what we see our Father in heaven doing – we would actually walk as Jesus walked...

Time for a new bracelet - WAJW.


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Bud said...

Okay WAG-
This is something that has been hitting me hard lately. Prayers / Praying. As you know I am one of those funny people who doesn't like just anyone praying for me. And I think I finaly found out why.
-Prayer I guess can be looked at in two perspectives. One is just communicating with God. As paul says, "in all things pray."
But then i think the most common thought of prayer is the concept of "asking God for something".
-God give me that Job.
-Heal my Arm
-Provide my Finances
I tend to keep my prayers short and brief. My pet peeve though is the prayer that goes on and on as to convince God to do something for me...or declaring why someone is worthy of healing, or the commanding prayer...LORD HEAL THIS PERSON...In your name...
Well I guess you get the point.
God bless you brother and dang I miss you man.